Every Tribulation is a Lesson!

August 9, 2015

Somehow I tripped over a mistake that I thought I was prepared enough to avoid.
When I tripped, I stayed down and decided that the low I’d just enjoy
Now I see where I went wrong, just trying to enjoy the ride
It took me being pulled to the side to realize that I was no longer reaching for the skies

That foolishly trying to change the vibe of my environment,
Changed me, I guess I needed more discernment.

I am committing to my faith to the God in me
And changing my potential to be all I can be.
Sitting on these blessings has been a burden to me,
Bipolar behaviors and crazy anxiety.

I read that ‘crazy’ people often feel like a chosen one,
He was giving me all these beautiful ideas but I guess I lacked the confidence for every one.
They say don’t tell people your dreams because they will shoot them down,
All the while forgetting about small minds from small towns.

If God speaks to you, then you is all you need.
Don’t feel down because your lack of support from family,
The lack of confidence that they have is from reciprocity.
If you’re waiting on a bandwagon, you may wait forever, you see?!
If you BELIEVE in yourself, seize the opportunity,
And when things start to come to fruition, quickly they’ll be bandwagoners, you’ll see.

Don’t let the energy from others be a chain reaction,
Link up with others with the same passion,
maybe there will you find some satisfaction.

If you have a plausible idea then make it happen,
If you have a crazy idea, then make it happen.
If you have a simple, practical idea then make it happen.
Happiness is who you are when you make your dreams happen.



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