Good Girl vs Bad Girl

August 14, 2015

My friends say that I act like a boy,
It’s hard to be vulnerable, too scared to lose my joy
from being neglected like a black raggedy Ann toy.

I don’t like being disrespected. Flat out.
I don’t like when I’m being tested. Flat out.
I don’t like it especially when feelings are vested.
The Devil in my presence, has me feeling rejected.

The enemy in my mind, like girl don’t you get it?!
You aren’t worth the effort like girl don’t you get it?!
Seeing the good in people is pointless, don’t you get it girl?!
Stop being governed by your soul, be relentless girl.
You see?! Being good, with good intentions is pointless girl.
If people make you feel worthLESS, is it worth it girl?!

So take your talents south in this cold cold world.
I think you’re gonna need some heat before your heart’s ice cold.

And then I pause for a minute like hell? no, no, no, no
How could I respect myself acting like what I loathe?!
Someone who doesn’t love life, so they  become the asshole,
Never mind the let downs, they happen on this road,

Always Stay true to the God in you, so that you have self-love.
Remember what loved ones have told you from the skies above,
Philippians 4:13, favorite verse of a Diva.
Even though I don’t remember much, hell, towards the end you didn’t either,
I could at least try to live up to good stories of my grandma Eva.
Or a respected wife and mother like her niece named Eva,
just because you’re in an artificial, superficial era
doesn’t mean you should be reluctant to go deeper.

This isn’t about being a visceral ego
This is about freeing and sailing your soul.
And if you know what’s best, you’ll stick to what you know,
Stick to the feeling, it’s about more than love ya know?!

Chase your dreams that are waiting for you….


ADHD took over.



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