Like I’m a Slave Master

When they say you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you are coming from, they aren’t kidding! According to Facebook, on this day five years ago I discovered that my great great great grandfather, Thomas Bond born in 1790, was a slave master that hooked up with his slave.

This totally changed my perspective on being ‘black.’ I often reflect on how my name in a translation means the Black Bond, the Black Unity. What a delicate irony that my name comes from this slave master! That’s literally MY family and a part of who I am!  I feel like it increased my openness and actually changed my perspective because it was the TRUTH. Period.

They have documents on​ that connected me to family trees who knew my grandpa and of course I researched each person’s version of what my grandfather’s family’s story was along with what pieced together for me. was supported with documents from each census dating back so many hundreds of years, with marriage and divorce documents, birthday and death certificates, military documents and even have slave documents (I can’t recall exactly what they were named, as this was now 5 years ago.) It was so real. So dope.

I am a mix of “the oppressor” and “the oppressed”, the coding that flows through my blood is a mix of that.  It caused me to ponder what was the fundamental message about that connection in my family and what did I think could be the culprit of such a difference between a slave master and a slave.  What could between the difference between two people that in the same token could unite and ultimately create me.

I think the culprit of that difference is perceived power. In my so humble opinion, I don’t think a lot of us take the time to really rationalize our irrational behavior/thoughts/feelings, we want to be right more than we want the TRUTH to be right and we become foolish.

There is this power struggle between what the real truth is and us being right, even if us being right sacrifices the truth. We cannot be so consumed with egotistical power that we rationalize a FEELING without any knowledge/understanding backing it up or impartiality to the other side.  That’s not the truth, that is an irrationally supported feeling because there was no research to discover the fundamental, universal truth.

The wrongness of slavery then and even today the low level of tolerance for people like me has so many VALUABLE lessons to learn from it. The one/group with the perceived power is not always right and their actions are sometimes completely irrational and have NO IMPARTIALITY to the other side. We ALL must hold a space for some kind of impartiality to the other side.

I think we need more self-evaluation and less self-righteousness. We need the truth to be evident. We need more positivity and influence.  We need more love and more unity. We need consciousness AND contribution.



6 thoughts on “Like I’m a Slave Master

  1. This was such a bittersweet surprise. Wow! Discovering a part of your heritage use to own slaves.. Mind blowing. I feel once I take the trip I too, will find slave owners and possible Neanderthal blood in my DNA. I’m open to accepting and moving forward. Thank you for sharing such personal information, Ebb! You are lovvely.

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  2. That’s deep and that also explains certain characteristics in your personality your dna is encoded with oppressed which gives u that fighting spirit and that of the oppressor which gives u a powerful spirit as well your voice will Be heard

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  3. Thanks for sharing our history. We come from the same family tree. To be honest, I never researched the Bond side because I took my mother’s maiden name. It is eye opening to know that whether slave or slave master we all need the same thing: love, compassion, and less ego. God’s blessings to you on your new journey as a blogger. I can not wait to read more.


    1. Thank you Von! Thank you for recommending WordPress! I eventually take heed, I have a line up of things that I want to talk about, from my perspective. My perspective may be equally as important as someone with a a slightly or totally different perspective of me and that’s perfect. I believe that we do need different perspectives to push through some kind of outlet, if we are all thinking the same then no one is thinking different but thank you for supporting MY perspective!


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