That’s just the way it is.
Things will never be the same.
#BlackLivesMatter is just a hashtag.

The value of our lives will never be the same.
Pleading to be worthy, to me is just insane.
Arguing that we are deserving never changed the game.

Hoping for mercy
in the midst of controversy
and though we are hurting,
you can’t feel the pain.

Compared to that feeling,
#BlackLivesMatter is only a saying.

If you see a begging man on the island dividing the street,
Holding a sign that says, help me sir, I need to eat…
Would you embrace him with a meal?!
Give him the shoes off your feet?!

Would you internalize #HomelessLivesMatter
and suddenly treat him with integrity?!
Even make feeding him a part of your responsibility?!
Whip out your camera phone and take a picture of your charity?!

Now think about reality
and tell me what do you see?!
Judgmental people who think like,
“He should get up off the grass and make a living just like me…”

No matter what the sign reads,
what’s INSTILLED will be.
#HomelessLivesMatter will – just be a decree,
for a begging MF that couldn’t get a dollar up out of me.

… and that’s even if his life really mattered….

&& That’s just the way it is.




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