So many things I’ve got to tell you,
and I’m afraid I don’t know why
I keep accepting bull-mess
to enter to my life.
Could this be love?
When I wish I still knew what real love felt like?!
Cause this isn’t paradise
These feelings can’t be right.
&& why can’t I find
peace at night?

&& Then there was

I finally found out with you there is no pain.
When you flow through me, no feeling is the same.
I choose to feel you, for myself, so I know my worth,
I’m here to make sure I always put you first!
Self love, looooooveeee

Many days I’ve longed for you,
wanting you,
when I really I had the power over you,
to feel your presence,
for your warmth, for your light, for your essence,
Many nights I’ve cried from abusing you,
I failed to realize that I was refusing you.
I now know that you’re real.
With no doubts, and no fears, and no questions.

At first I looked for you outside of me,
I now know you live inside of me,
The world looks so brand new to me,
now that I’ve found love.
Everyday I live for you.
May be a fight, but it’s til the death when it’s for you.
What I say is how I feel so believe it’s true,
You’ve got to know I’m true, Love.


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