Having conversations with mama,
Man my life is a mess,
I’ve been feeling depressed,
But she aint returning the texts,
it said it got delivered,
she got read receipts on,
I’m really feeling alone,
I’m really tryna be strong,
she said I heard you back with you know who,
she wrote, “I wouldn’t do that mess if I were you.”
Then I’m like who are we kidding,
my example so I’m just being you.
I’m my mother’s child so I guess that she can see right through
At least I always, At least I always see it through,
At least I’m always being true to what you taught me.
A music teacher but music is what is what was problem solving,
ya started drinking when problems had started evolving,
And look I hate it how you can blame me for certain circumstances,
then look to all of us to save you from those circumstances,
so I have to save you,
&& then I tried to arrange it,
got damn this shit’s draining,
Thank God for guardian angels to guide me through this life,
promise I’ll be aight,
Maybe one day when you get better we can enjoy the time of my life,
we have energy that people pay to document,
I have the sweetest heart but was so bad at receiving compliments,
I had no confidence mama,
I had to fend for this mama,
I’on know how to pretend mama,
I be missing my mama,
I take the pain out of my heart and just surrender it mama,
I still pray for you mama,
Thank God for raising me mama.

This is a crazy life, but you and the 5th raised me right. Even in the darkness, I try to be the light. You and the 5th raised me right, those tips saved my life.



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