Dear family, friends and YOU,

I tried to meet you at every crossroad.
When your energy was low, I made sure to bring some extra Son.
Everyone is attracted to The Light, but faces the darkness alone as one.

I had wrapped my brain around the fact that you just needed love.
I had wrapped my brain around the fact that ignorance of love,
Coming from where we are from,
…From where we are NOW is just proof that the rabbit has the gun.
I know the enemy of your rabbit mind is having a good run,
He THINKS he really won, but YOU just lost one.

I had wrapped my brain around the fact that the world left you blind to love.

So it felt like my conscious responsibility to go the extra mile, all the while, staying in YOUR lane.
OFF course of my journey, only having love on the brain drove me insane.

How do I find myself here now?!

NOW it’s time for this non-violent little birdie to sing the Words of this song.

I never wrapped my brain around the fact that I needed to wrap my brain around MY heart.
By only focusing  on my love for you,
no one was loving me because you don’t love you,
which is the sad part.

It’s true misery loves company and of that I no longer want any parts.
I needed to wrap my brain around the fact that loving my own damned heart is the start
&& only from there could the horse pull the cart.
It’s my destiny to focus on one love instead of letting our differences keep us apart.

Where have you been my love??

I am glad that you are here with me MY love.

My ONE true LOVE.



HBCU Prepatory School #CLEVELAND #OHIO #1LOVE photo courtesy @BashFromOhio #MANSFIELD #YOUNGNATION




In A Flint Crisis

What a difference it might make for the little black kids.
What a difference it might make for those in a crisis.
Shoutout to the Civil, Chemical, and Corro-sion
black engineers whose chosen focus is,
How to take negative to positive,
to improve the way we live.
Shoutout to the SIGs,
Special Interests Groups,
little communities full of people like you,
who are from where you are from,
who have a mind like you do
and who just want give,
back to society because we’re a society who knows how it is,
So FIRST part of our mission is,
encouraging you to be culturally responsible,
and so here my $10 is.
I take pride in my word and so my bond is
to the mission of an org that helped save me,
a little black kid.


So many things I’ve got to tell you,
and I’m afraid I don’t know why
I keep accepting bull-mess
to enter to my life.
Could this be love?
When I wish I still knew what real love felt like?!
Cause this isn’t paradise
These feelings can’t be right.
&& why can’t I find
peace at night?

&& Then there was

I finally found out with you there is no pain.
When you flow through me, no feeling is the same.
I choose to feel you, for myself, so I know my worth,
I’m here to make sure I always put you first!
Self love, looooooveeee

Many days I’ve longed for you,
wanting you,
when I really I had the power over you,
to feel your presence,
for your warmth, for your light, for your essence,
Many nights I’ve cried from abusing you,
I failed to realize that I was refusing you.
I now know that you’re real.
With no doubts, and no fears, and no questions.

At first I looked for you outside of me,
I now know you live inside of me,
The world looks so brand new to me,
now that I’ve found love.
Everyday I live for you.
May be a fight, but it’s til the death when it’s for you.
What I say is how I feel so believe it’s true,
You’ve got to know I’m true, Love.


Having conversations with mama,
Man my life is a mess,
I’ve been feeling depressed,
But she aint returning the texts,
it said it got delivered,
she got read receipts on,
I’m really feeling alone,
I’m really tryna be strong,
she said I heard you back with you know who,
she wrote, “I wouldn’t do that mess if I were you.”
Then I’m like who are we kidding,
my example so I’m just being you.
I’m my mother’s child so I guess that she can see right through
At least I always, At least I always see it through,
At least I’m always being true to what you taught me.
A music teacher but music is what is what was problem solving,
ya started drinking when problems had started evolving,
And look I hate it how you can blame me for certain circumstances,
then look to all of us to save you from those circumstances,
so I have to save you,
&& then I tried to arrange it,
got damn this shit’s draining,
Thank God for guardian angels to guide me through this life,
promise I’ll be aight,
Maybe one day when you get better we can enjoy the time of my life,
we have energy that people pay to document,
I have the sweetest heart but was so bad at receiving compliments,
I had no confidence mama,
I had to fend for this mama,
I’on know how to pretend mama,
I be missing my mama,
I take the pain out of my heart and just surrender it mama,
I still pray for you mama,
Thank God for raising me mama.

This is a crazy life, but you and the 5th raised me right. Even in the darkness, I try to be the light. You and the 5th raised me right, those tips saved my life.


FOCUS: There is duality in truth. 

Right now my focus on the facts are switching and I can see the changes.
I can FEEL the changes as my consciousness rearranges.

There is duality in truth. It is a fact that BAD HABITS are hard to resist!
It is also a fact that it’s beautiful when you find comfort in making better choices!

Life will be beautiful if you focus on the beauty of positive change, it won’t be a struggle.

Right now my focus is that type of beauty… That type of ME.
If you focus on your focus, shift and follow a guide to your destiny.

*Diana Ross voice* I’m coming out!



That’s just the way it is.
Things will never be the same.
#BlackLivesMatter is just a hashtag.

The value of our lives will never be the same.
Pleading to be worthy, to me is just insane.
Arguing that we are deserving never changed the game.

Hoping for mercy
in the midst of controversy
and though we are hurting,
you can’t feel the pain.

Compared to that feeling,
#BlackLivesMatter is only a saying.

If you see a begging man on the island dividing the street,
Holding a sign that says, help me sir, I need to eat…
Would you embrace him with a meal?!
Give him the shoes off your feet?!

Would you internalize #HomelessLivesMatter
and suddenly treat him with integrity?!
Even make feeding him a part of your responsibility?!
Whip out your camera phone and take a picture of your charity?!

Now think about reality
and tell me what do you see?!
Judgmental people who think like,
“He should get up off the grass and make a living just like me…”

No matter what the sign reads,
what’s INSTILLED will be.
#HomelessLivesMatter will – just be a decree,
for a begging MF that couldn’t get a dollar up out of me.

… and that’s even if his life really mattered….

&& That’s just the way it is.